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IT Services

Our focus is to understand your business needs and to provide a level of service that minimises your business down-time and ensures that you have a reliable and stable business systems. From our first engagement, you are dealing with engineers who are trained to understand the technical details and can provide insight and know-how from the start.

Managed Services

Our primary focus is to understand your business needs and to provide a level of service that minimises your business down-time and maximises your productivity.

Extend's Managed Services provides you with a range of benefits tailored to your business needs.  Key benefits include:

  • A fixed monthly fee

  • 24 hour monitoring

  • Pro-active support

  • Unlimited remote support

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity planning

  • IT budget advice

  • Software License management

Cloud Services

Extend IT Services can build a solution designed for the Microsoft platform and custom infrastructure that’s tailored to your precise requirements, scaling your solution as your business grows.

Whethers it's Email, hosted file storage, Software delivered as a services, we're here to help you leverage the best in Cloud Services. We make Enterprise class solutions affordable to small and medium size businesses.

Data Security

Data Security means more than keeping your data safe from hackers, Data Security is the practice of defending data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification, copying, and deliberate or accidental destruction. 


Good Data Security involves:

  • Access controls

  • Auditing

  • Authentication

  • Encryption

  • Integrity controls

  • Backups

Call us for a no obligation free quote to secure your data today.

Mobile Computing

We’ll work with your business, analyse your business needs, work through your strategy and help you with your mobile policy’s.  We will tailor a mobile device solution with the security and suit of apps that will make your mobile workforce better, more responsive, more informed – whether it’s meetings and presentations, onsite jobs, quoting, information and data gathering, and communication and collaboration.

We’ll show you how these devices can be securely managed, and even remote wiped if lost or stolen.

Talk to us today to find out more about how mobility can empower, extend, and drive your business.

Business Data Networks

Extend IT Services specialises in understanding the in-depth technical requirements of clients and then designing the most cost effective and scalable solution. We strive to identify all aspects of a client’s technology needs and then provide an integrated solution from a full suite of best in class network hardware, maintenance, software, telecommunications, and data center vendors.

Extend IT Services does not own fiber or datacenters, our company can act as a neutral party to find the most cost effective and scalable solution to your business technology needs.

Service Desk

Our service desk is able to remotely monitor your systems and identify issues before they turn into problems. In many cases, we manage your systems and resolve issues without having to visit your offices - this saves time and on-site service fees.

The Extend Service Desk will work to resolve all calls to the service desk as quickly as possible, with no need for a site visit by an engineer. We want to make sure you have the fewest problems, shortest wait times and quickest problem resolution possible.

Call Extend today to discuss how your business will benefit from implementing our Proactive IT Support Services in Hawkes Bay.

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